Power / Fans / PCIe

Akasa PCIe 6-pin to PCIe 2.0 8-pin Adapter Cable, 10cm


Updates PSU compatibility with latest VGA cards 6pin PCIe to 8pin PCIe2.0 cable adapter  ..

Akasa PWM Fan Extension Cable, 30cm


4pin PWM and 3pin fans compatible Black sleeve Lenght: 30cm   PWM fan extensio..

Akasa PWM Fan Splitter Cable, 2 PWM Fans from Single PWM Header, 15cm


Smart connection of two fans from single motherboard PWM header, enables quiet operation of performa..

Akasa SATA Power Splitter - Male 15-pin SATA to 2 x 15pin SATA Female Power Connectors, 30cm


Provides additional SATA power connector 15pin male to 2x 15pin female SATA power 30cm l..

Spire UK Power & USB Wall Socket, 13A, 250V, USB 2A 5V


UK Power & USB Wall Socket   Working voltage: 13A, 250V Working temperature -15 to 4..

Spire UK Power Lead, Cloverleaf, Moulded Plug, 1.8 Metres


UK Mains to C5 Mains Lead (Clover Leaf) The C5 to UK mains cable, more commonly know as a clover..

Spire UK Power Lead, Figure 8, Moulded Plug, 1.8 Metres


UK - C7 Mains Lead 1.8 mtr Moulded 3A fuse (2.5A C7 connector) Appro..

Spire UK Power Lead, Kettle Lead, Moulded Plug, 5A, 1.8 Metres


Non-rewireable, fully moulded Integral 13A plug with 5A fuse Manufactured from 0.75mm2 a..

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